Sunday, July 16th, 2017 – 1pm – 6pm • R-Strong Movement Facility • Rockford,IL

What is Q & Sesh?

Q & Sesh is a collective BBQ event for DJs by DJs. DJs are always working 24/7 365 days a year at holidays, birthdays, weddings, bars/clubs, corporate events, etc for everyone else, but themselves. The time used for everyone else takes aways from the time for DJs to get together and collaborate. This is the event to meet, greet, and learn from other DJs. Open to all DJs and the public. Turntablist, sound selectors, tastemakers, producers, artist unite. Multiple setups for mixers and turntablist (See below for schedule). 


Sunday, July 16th, 2017 – 1pm – 6pm
R-Strong Movement Facility (Parking Lot) / 213 N 3rd St. / Rockford,IL 61107
NOTE: Outside event (Weather Premitted) – No raindate

Schedule (Subject to change)

Table #1 - Mixing

1pm – 2pm – Mixing: DJ MRKL & DJ Stillwell

2pm – 3pm – Mixing: Vic Monsta

3pm – 4pm – Mixing: Artista

4pm – 5pm – Mixing: Rickmon$ta

5pm – 6pm – Mixing: Moz Definite

Table #2 - Scratching/Turntablism

1pm – 2pm – Scratching: Open Tables

2pm – 3pm – Scratching: Open Tables

3pm – 4pm – Open Turntablist Session (Beat Juggling/Scratching/Drumming)

4pm – 5pm – Scratching: Open Tables

5pm – 6pm – Scratching: Open Tables

Want to sign up?

Answer whatever is applicable to you – These forms are meant to help get an idea of what needs to be at the event (equipment-wise, etc), how much food to bring, and how to set up the event overall. Registration closes at July 7th.


We should have just about everything you would need, but we’re compiling this information from the registration forms filled out – so this will be adjusted day by day. Once we have a handle on the needs of the DJs, we will post a list of what will be available. If what you need is not on that list, please bring it. Please bring your own needles, vinyl, and laptop/USB drive/external if needed. Serato & Traktor interfaces will be on site. More information to come.


Equipment (As Of July 2nd):

Table #1 – Mixing:

2x Technics 1200

1x Rane 62 Mixer

*Note: You will need a Traktor box on this table to use Traktor – Serato is built into the Rane 62 Mixer (Download drivers for Rane 62 here:



Table #2 – Scratching:

1x Technics 1200

1x Vestax PDX 2000

1x Native Instrument Z2 Mixer

1x Vestax PMC-06 Mixer

*Note: Vinyl Only table, but you can use Traktor on the Native Instrument Z2 Mixer if you would like.


This is a portable friendly event as well! Bring ’em if you’ve got them!

Not at this time. The event will not go on if the weather is not satisfactory for DJ equipment being outside.

All free while it last! Bring anything you want. Grill and cooler will be available on site. Donations highly appreciated!
Food: TBA
Drinks: Soda and water

Note: No alcohol/beer allowed at this event this time. (Sorry!)

Yes, but the music may contain explicit content as it is up to the DJs playing at that time. Being a event for DJs, we didn’t feel we should completely not allow explicit content, but all DJs are being asked to be respectful of the younger attendees. If this will be a problem for you, please re-think bringing kids. 

Table #1 will be just for mixing except between 3pm-4pm where it is open for mixing or turntablism. Table #2 will be just for turntablism. The sound from Table #1 will play through the main PA system the entire event, but Table #2 will play through a dedicated monitor that only Table #2 can hear. From 3pm-4pm, Table #2 will be also heard through the main PA system. Note: Table #2 can bring the sound from Table #1 up or down at anytime. Table #2 is open for anyone at anytime throughout the event.

All official pictures and videos will be placed back here on the site a month after the event. Please check back during that time period. If you’ve registered, you should receive an email when they are available.

You can donate money or food/drinks at the event. Or you can donate in advance below:

Everything is free at the event, and the event is free to attend. We appreciate any donations that come our way!!!

Friends of Q & Sesh 2017