Just your typical hip hop head who plays open format - i.e. multiple genres. My name is Dj Maclin, but I go by SBD (ShortBlackDude) - your average turntablist/producer. Practicing the artform of DJing since 2005 - Always a student. Turntablist for the rock/funk/hip-hop band Goodwill Dynamite. Specializes in hip-hop shows, art shows and lounge parties. Trying to elevate the art of DJing for my city, so we can all grow together. From Rockford, resided in Chicago, back in Rockford. 

2015 RAMI Nominee – DJ Of The Year

2019 Schedule

2/13: Swedish American Hospital Holiday Party at Prairie Street Brewhouse 

3/8: Fresh Fridays at Loft Ten 19

4/13: Record Store Day 2019 at Culture Shock

4/13: Wu-Tang Day at Loft Ten 19

5/25: Forest City Blade 2019 at Flodin’s Skatepark

5/25: Symphony of A Broken Mind at Loft Ten 19

2018 Schedule

1/6: Ephemeral Whiplash – Chicago,IL

1/20: RKFD Winter Art Show at Loft Ten 19

1/27: Swedish American Holiday Party at Prairie Street Brewhouse 

2/10: Private

2/24: Dilla Day Rockford

2/28: Rockford Art Museum’s Restaurant Series

3/28: Rockford Art Museum’s Restaurant Series

4/13: Artscene – Independent Ear at Innovatech

4/14: Artscene – Caravan Fabrics at Loft Ten 19

4/14: Artscene – Fatherless at Taco Betty’s

4/14: Private

4/21: Rumble In The Rock at Loft Ten 19

4/21: Record Store Day at Culture Shock

4/25: Rockford Art Museum’s Restaurant Series

4/27: Private

5/19: Private

5/23: Rockford Art Museum’s Restaurant Series

6/23: RKFD ArtSpace at Loft Ten 19

6/23: Private

7/21: Private

8/12: Q&Sesh 2018 at Culture Shock

9/8: Beattie Is…Back at City Market Pavilion 

9/13: Raise Funds for Stage 4 Cancer at The Standard

9/15: H.S. Homecoming – Pecatonica, IL

10/5: Artscene

10/6: Private

10/6: Artscene

10/20: Forest City Bladefest at Flodin Skate Park

10/27: Private Halloween Party 


Past Clients


Please contact for a personalized quote! Use the contact form below. For a guide on rates, $100/hour (If no speakers are needed) and $125/hour (if speakers are needed) is the usual rate. Lower rates for artshows. Very flexible, so contact for personalized rate and full night rate.


Closed for the rest of 2018 while I take the rest of the year off to practice and refresh my music library with new music. You’re more than welcome to fill out the form below for personalized rates for next year. I’ll get back to you ASAP! Thanks!